Saeko - Brush Pen

Sketch pens on Canson Sketchbook paper

Sketch pens on Canson Sketchbook paper

I usually sketch in pencil, but sometimes i like to do broader sketches with brush pens. This one came out particularly nice.

The problem i have with any kind of pen sketching is that the initial strokes are always way darker than i'd like to see at first. I like to put down light lines and build on them. This is kind of how i work with pencil, and my Cintiq and photoshop settings are such that i can do it digitally, and i can also do it with the COPIC markers...

What i wish was that there was a PITT pen or something similar that was filled with a COPIC W1 or W2 color. To date, i have been unable to find one, and the COPIC SP pens are non custom fillable...

30 January 2010
Saeko from Warmth