Cave of Evil - Dollgirl

I've been doing a lot of illustrations of various Megatokyo characters, including seemingly minor characters that just appear in the background. Me being me, i don't believe in the idea of 'main characters' and 'background characters', i believe that every character in your story is a person who has a life and just because you dont see it in the main story doesn't mean its there. This is a drawing of a character that you can indeed spot in some of the Cave of Evil scenes in Megatokyo (most recently you will find her operating a jackhammer :P) This illustration really... came together out of im not sure where, and it says a lot about her, and is surprisingly metaphysical and creepy in how it came together. She has a prosthetic arm and has a bit of a doll fetish (cough). I'm glad i pulled this one out and finished it, its one of my better illustrations recently - all for a girl who does not have a name yet.

15 December 2015
DollGirl from MegaTokyo